5 life hacks in the design and installation of shower enclosures

Shower enclosures are a relatively new solution in the design of bathrooms. Someone still confuses them with showers, someone wants to learn more about the reliability of the design and are not aware of the additional features. We are ready to share tricks that will help to avoid mistakes in the design and installation of shower enclosures and create a dream bathroom without unnecessary effort and expense.

Lifehack 1: Different door designs for rooms of any size and layout

Often, even experienced designers make mistakes at the design stage, and in practice, it turns out that the doors of shower enclosures abut other plumbing or furniture. To avoid this, you should carefully look at the news and take into account the configuration of the shower.

“The choice of a shower opening system is perhaps one of the main parameters that should be carefully considered at the stage of a design project. I advise you to focus on personal convenience and room parameters. In a small room, flaws in the layout are especially undesirable. Do not try to “fit” the swinging doors of the shower enclosure here. It’s better to pay attention to corner solutions, roller and folding door opening mechanisms, which do not need additional space, ”advises designer Olga Sokolova.

Lifehack 2: It’s not necessary to drill walls. A shower enclosure can be “glued”

If there is no desire to drill tile and concrete, shower enclosures can simply be glued to the walls. For example, the Gower model from GuteWetter is securely fixed with the help of “stickers” – double-sided tape and silicone.

No noise, dirt or special equipment!

It is enough to wipe the surface with alcohol for better adhesion, remove the protective film from the adhesive layer and attach the profile according to the marking. The doors are adjustable and inserted into the frame, and after 24 hours your new shower room is ready for use.

Lifehack 3: Use a sliding stabilizer for custom shower enclosures

It is not necessary to limit your choice to typical models. You can order a large shower enclosure in the area or non-standard configuration. Ample opportunities for design imagination are provided by a stabilizer with a sliding part (from 80 to 140 cm), which allows you to install doors at any degree, at an angle, diagonally and to be sure of the strength of the structure.

Lifehack 4: Practical and aesthetic glass fencing is suitable not only for the shower but also for the bath

The tempered 6 mm glass construction can be mounted on the corner, semicircular, rectangular bathtubs, providing perfect tightness and hygiene.

“A glass curtain allows you to combine a bath and a shower without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics,” comments Ludmila Aestova, CEO of GuteWetter. – The design can have any modification: to be folding, motionless, sliding, opaque, transparent or mirror. A wealth of opportunities makes such a curtain an ideal option for updating the interior without unnecessary costs and efforts. ”

Lifehack 5: Non-Profiled Fencing Unloads Space

The design trend “airiness and weightlessness of the interior of the bathroom” forced manufacturers to find solutions on how not to overload the room with extra bumpers and profiles. Now the shower area can be separated from the rest of the space with glass without unnecessary elements. Also, modern technology allows you to get rid of the pallet. It is necessary to make the necessary slope of the floor at the repair stage and equip the drain with an elegant ladder.

“Fencing profiles often become superfluous details,” says Maria Grigoryeva, interior designer (Moscow). – They are perceived by the gaze as an obstacle and eventually change color due to insufficient care. A few years ago, exquisite frameless showers were a prestigious luxury privilege. Today, with the development of production and technology, this solution is easy to acquire and install. ”

Shower enclosures are good for their versatility: they fit perfectly into any interior and look so airy that they do not visually overload even a very modest-sized room. And various options for fastenings and door designs greatly simplify not only installation but also everyday operation.

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