Alternative use for construction pallets

The summer season is gaining momentum, which means that soon everyone who closes the season for winter will be drawn to nature. After a prolonged snow period, it is necessary not only to renew the flower beds and beds but also to put the site in order. Moreover, the weekend in the country is not only work but also a well-deserved rest. Today I want to talk about how to organize a cozy corner inexpensively using simple materials and tools.

When planning a vacation spot on my site, I was inspired by a photograph I found on the Internet and prepared a sketch of a future gazebo.

In order to collect a full arbor, I will need wooden pallets, tape measure, a drill, a screwdriver, a hacksaw, paint, and a little imagination. I bought 30 pallets, and instead of a drill and a screwdriver, I took a novelty Bosch to go to check if she can replace these two tools at once.

First, you need to decide where the gazebo will stand and prepare a place – level the ground and make the flooring. If you additionally cover the openings in the flooring with boards, do not forget to make gaps, then the moisture will go into the ground, and the gazebo will serve you much longer. It will be better if the flooring of the future gazebo is not standing on the ground, but on metal or concrete pillars, or a pillow of rubble.

When marking a place for a gazebo, start from the standard size of the pallet – 800×1200 so that you do not have to saw off the excess parts and complicate your life. The free space of my site allows me to make a gazebo of this plan.

As we see in the drawing, I will need only 10 pallets, while the size of the flooring will be 3.2 m. 4.8m. Given the fact that the covered part of the gazebo will occupy only a corner, space, it seems to me, is quite enough to pleasantly sit in the shade on a hot day or to place guests around the table with barbecue.

But for this, you first need to finish the arbor itself. It is very important to sand and paints all the front surfaces before you begin to join the pallets together, especially if you are going to build a complex structure with hard-to-reach spots. I did this in advance so as not to waste time during the build process.

So, we connect the pallets according to the drawing. To do this, I took the metal connecting plates and fastened the entire plane of the flooring with each other using self-tapping screws. It turns out a single heavy stove, which is definitely not going anywhere and will reliably hold the future gazebo. Before tightening the screws, I recommend preparing holes with a thin drill, then the boards will not tear from the fasteners. We install the plate in place and go through a drill on the tree at the attachment points. In the store, I found special drills with a hexagonal shank that perfectly show themselves when working with Bosch go.

The next step is planning the covered part of the gazebo. I will also build it from pallets set on one side. We turn again to the drawing and calculate the amount of material that we need. Blue on the drawing indicates the walls of the gazebo. We will put pallets on a narrow part, i.e. using two pallets we get a height of 2.4 m – more than enough so that the “ceiling” is not low. Thus, it turns out that I will need 12 more pallets on the walls of the gazebo. Here, a greater margin of safety is needed than for flooring, therefore, in addition to metal plates, we use additional reinforcement with bars along the entire length. Walls are fastened to the flooring using powerful metal corners.

The walls were erected, it remains to collect the roof. Because I plan to use the gazebo in any weather, I need a solid roof with a waterproof roof. I decided to abandon the gable roof, opting for a simpler gable roof. In addition, such a roof will divert excess water from the flooring and future furniture.

I assembled the roof frame from OSB boards on the crate and laid flexible roof tiles on top. It is mounted on roofing nails, so we add a hammer to the list of necessary tools.

The main part of the gazebo is ready. It took me just a day to produce it (not including sanding and painting) and 22 pallets. With an average price of 250 rubles., It turns out a very inexpensive and quick solution, even if you buy all the materials on the roof.

From the remaining pallets, I decided to make furniture that would not stand out from the general style of the gazebo. Here we definitely need a hacksaw, because pallets have to be reduced. We turn on the imagination and start sawing the pallets so that we get benches, chairs, and tables. For convenience, it is better to cover the surface of the table with glass or transparent plastic, then you will get a flat surface without losing appearance.

Also, note that the furniture from the pallets is quite heavy and it is better to attach the wheels if you plan to move it.

It’s that simple, in just one day, using very simple tools, you can build a gazebo that will delight you with comfort and unusual appearance for a long time. You can attract children to this process because they will definitely like such a great designer.

At the same time, we found out that the novelty Bosch goes It copes well not only with a screwdriver, but also with drilling, which means it will take pride of place in the toolbox and will become an obligatory participant in other projects that I plan to implement at mine house.

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