AQUAPANEL® Universal - 100% moisture-resistant base for decoration

Finishing “wet” and “wet” areas is one of the most crucial issues during the repair. In order to ensure a long-lasting interior and create a healthy microclimate, you must choose a reliable base for the finish – absolutely moisture resistant. We recommend that you learn more about the innovative moisture-resistant material – AQUAPANEL ® Universal Cement Board, which easily withstands prolonged exposure to moisture and high temperatures.

AQUAPANEL – what is it?

KNAUF has developed a unique building material that meets all European and Russian standards.

Cement board AQUAPANEL ® Universal has a rectangular shape. It consists of a core based on Portland cement and light mineral aggregate. The surfaces are reinforced with fiberglass, the end edges with fiberglass.

The material is unique and has no analogs: it is 100% moisture resistant, resistant to high temperatures and steam.

Material Size and weight:

  • AQUAPANEL ® Universal cement slab 6 mm (length – 1200 mm, width – 900 mm, thickness – 6 mm) has a weight of about 7.0 kg / m2.
  • AQUAPANEL ® Universal cement board 8 mm (length – 1200 mm, width – 900 mm, thickness – 8 mm) has a weight of about 8.0 kg / m2.

When using the material in damp rooms, additional sealing of surfaces is not required, which allows you to finish repairs faster – and not at the expense of quality.

The plate is easy to install, no special installation skills and professional tools are required.

The plate easily bends without prior wetting (the radius of curvature is up to 1 m), so it has become widespread when creating rounded walls and implementing various design solutions.

Universal base for decoration

Cement board AQUAPANEL ® Universal is suitable for all types of finishing, in particular:

  • for painting;
  • for plaster;
  • for wallpaper;
  • for facing tiles.

For proper installation, carefully read installation steps cement slab on site.

Where is it used?

AQUAPANEL ® Universal is widely used as a substrate for decoration in kitchens and bathrooms, bathrooms and showers, saunas and hammams (can withstand temperatures up to 70 ° C).

Suitable for the installation of walls (claddings and partitions), suspended curly ceilings, arches, columns, and any curved surfaces.

To protect your interior

When repairing walls and ceilings in “wet” areas, increased requirements are imposed on building materials. Due to the high degree of humidity, steam, high temperatures, moisture accumulates in tile joints and places where walls adjoin, which adversely affects the quality and durability of building structures.

To save your interior for years to come, choose proven materials. Otherwise, if the building material under the finish is unreliable, there is a big risk that it will swell from moisture and the whole finish will begin to deteriorate. Ultimately, this will entail the destruction of walls, ceilings.

AQUAPANEL ® Universal provides moisture resistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cement slab does not collapse even with very long exposure to moisture, it is resistant to fungus and mold damage, which is crucial for the formation of a healthy indoor climate. In addition, the stove is a non-combustible, environmentally friendly material without harmful impurities.

AQUAPANEL ® Universal – take care of your interior!

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