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Did you turn off the hot water in your home, and are you tired of warming the water in the kettle? Maybe you want to organize a comfortable shower with hot water in a country house? At your facility, the issue with DHW has not been resolved? You can come up with a dozen different reasons to install the EVN (electric water heater). Question one – what to choose? Markets and retail chains primarily offer products from Asian manufacturers. High-quality European products are very, very expensive. Is it possible today to find a product with European quality and humane prices? Now you can!

HOGARTH Company Introduces Electric Water Heaters into the Product LineMetalac. Let’s take a closer look at this product!

Where is it made?

Plant Metalac It is located 120 km from the capital of Serbia – the city of Belgrade. The company has been leading its history since 1959. Since its founding and for a long time, the factory has specialized in the production of enameled steel tanks for various purposes. Over time, the product line has been expanded by electric heaters.

Features of production

Metal products are characterized by a high level of quality, thanks to multi-stage quality control at all stages of production. It all starts with an incoming inspection of sheet metal blanks. At this stage, the quality of the sheet is checked, after which the metal samples are coated with glass enamel.

The next step is to check the adhesion of the coating and the strength properties of the metal. After that, the manufacture of tank blanks begins.

Sheets are cut, sent for stamping, after which the workpieces are welded with a special robot. Welding is fully automatic, which eliminates defects caused by the “human factor” and ensures stable weld quality, regardless of its geometry.

After welding, the finished tanks are checked for tightness with a pressure of 12 bar and sent for “bathing” in special acid baths, with the help of acids, fats and scales are removed from the metal surface. Thus, the surface is prepared for painting. After this, the enamel is applied with its subsequent baking at T = 850 ° C. (high temperature turns enamel into glass). Next, the quality of the obtained enameled coating is checked. Such scrupulousness for EVN is important due to the fact that the absence of defects during welding or applying enamel is the key to effective and reliable operation for many years. With defects, such a product may not last a year.

After the inner tank has gone through the enameling process, it is re-crushed.

For better thermal insulation, high-density polyurethane foam is used, polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly and has excellent characteristics for saving thermal energy.

After assembly, each tank is additionally checked. Only for the tank that has passed the test, a serial number is assigned, the tank is packaged and sent to the warehouse.

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