Gas instantaneous water heaters: always hot water

Gas water heaters are proven helpers for those who want to always have access to hot water. An important advantage of geysers is their profitability, and therefore they do not lose their popularity, developing and improving. These devices are especially relevant in apartment buildings with the gas supply. It must be borne in mind that for the safe functioning of the geyser the room must be equipped with a chimney, but for absolute peace of mind, the device itself must also have decent protection. The multi-stage protection system for gas instantaneous water heaters of the leading brands Electrolux (ProInverter, NanoPlus 2.0) and Zanussi (Fonte) includes everything you need: a draft sensor, a safety thermostat, a hydraulic safety valve, flame ionization control, a metal plate with perforation on the front panel of the device, preventing it from burning. In addition, these devices can work even at low gas and water pressures in the mains (6.8 bar and 0.15 bar, respectively), which means that you will always have hot water.

Gas instantaneous water heater Electrolux ProInverter

The flagship of the Electrolux brand among gas water heaters in 2018 was the model Proinverter. The device has several significant advantages, including the automatic electronic modulation of the flame Electronic Flame Modulation, which automatically regulates the power of the burner depending on the differences in water pressure in the system. This technology avoids temperature differences. For example, if you take a shower, and at the same time the household turned on the tap in the kitchen, you are not threatened to stay under a stream of cold water or get burned. In addition, automatic electronic flame modulation helps save fuel and extends the life of the components. The ProInverter gas column can operate with a minimum gas pressure of 6.8 bar and minimum water pressure of 0.15 bar.

The capacity of the gas water heater is 22 kW, and the capacity is 11 l / min. Thanks to this, the device can work at 2 points of water intake. The front panel is equipped with an LCD-display, which displays the temperature of water heating, an indication of the presence of flame and duct, battery charge.

Speaking of the merits of a water heater Proinverter from Electrolux, we cannot but mention the oxygen-free copper heat exchanger created using Oxygen Free technology. It is safe for human health and the environment, as it does not contain metals such as, for example, lead. The safety of using the device is ensured by a multi-stage protection system, including a draft sensor, a safety thermostat, a hydraulic safety valve, flame ionization control, and an automatic shutdown system in the event of a heater malfunction.

Electrolux ProInverter is a good choice for those who care about their own comfort and the comfort of their family.

Gas instantaneous water heater Electrolux NanoPlus 2.0

Gas instantaneous water heater Electrolux NanoPlus 2.0 possesses all the qualities necessary for reliable operation. These include automatic ignition and a multi-level security system. The oxygen-free copper heat exchanger created using the already mentioned Oxygen-Free technology is also responsible for your comfort and peace. The copper of which the heat exchanger is made does not contain lead unsafe for humans and nature.

The NanoPlus 2.0 water heater has a capacity of 20 kW, its capacity is 10 l / min. It is ideally suited for providing hot water at a single point of intake, works very quietly and consumes fuel efficiently. The heating power is easily regulated using a modern and intuitive control panel, and you can monitor the temperature of water heating on the LCD-display, where, in addition, the battery level is displayed. Designed taking into account the realities of Russia and the CIS countries, NanoPlus 2.0 is designed for possible interruptions in gas and water pressure in the pipelines.

With universal water heater Electrolux NanoPlus 2.0 hot water will always be at your disposal.

Gas instantaneous water heater Zanussi Fonte

Hot water without interruptions? Easy, safe and economical with gas instantaneous water heaters Zanussi Fonte.

The Fonte gas instantaneous water heater will provide comfort for you and your family. The basis of the Fonte series are instruments with a capacity of 10 l / min. The classic lineup, presented by instruments in a white case, is complemented by a series with seven options for bright glass panels. The LED monitor and convenient knobs for adjusting the temperature and heating power successfully complement the design of the device and make managing it easy and enjoyable.

The Fonte water heater is safe to use. Carbon monoxide leakage is excluded due to the design of the flue gas collector with upward-curved “blades”. The heat exchanger is made of copper with a reliable protective coating.

In 2018, in the model range of water heaters, Zanussi Fonte The new Fonte LPG and Fonte Turbo series have appeared.

Zanussi Fonte Turbo has a significant advantage: it can work with a chimney without a natural draft and, moreover, without a central chimney at all. This is due to the fact that an automatic fan has been integrated into the design of the water heater for the forced removal of flue gases. The power of the automatic fan allows you to lay the chimney horizontally or with bends, without worrying about safety. The performance of the Fonte Turbo series models is 10 and 12 liters per minute.

The advantage of Zanussi Fonte LPG is of a different kind, this device is sure to come in handy if you want to use hot water constantly, but at the same time, your house does not have a central gas supply. The device is specially made to work on bottled gas with the appropriate nozzle diameter and setting the gas-water unit; you do not need to change the design of the gas column to adapt it to the conditions you need. The novelty is presented in two versions with a capacity of 6 and 10 liters per minute.

The multi-stage protection system for water heaters of the Fonte, Fonte LPG, and Fonte Turbo series includes a draft sensor, a safety thermostat, a hydraulic safety valve, flame ionization control, a metal plate with perforation on the front panel of the device that prevents its burning. Using the devices is safe, convenient and economical, they combine everything you need to create comfort in the home.

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