How to choose bathroom fixtures

When the time comes to renovate the bathroom or to build a completely new one, the problem of the choice of sanitary ware always arises. The solutions available on the market are probably so rich and varied that trying to identify the right one for your needs becomes rather complicated. Buying the most suitable sanitaryware for your bathroom means, first of all, having clear ideas about the different models. In addition, you need to evaluate measurements, technical features and focus on your preferred style. In this way it will become easier to clear the field of inappropriate choices and arrive at the perfect type of sanitary ware, that is, the one that will make the toilet an intimate, welcoming and functional place. Also for the bathroom you need toilets, check out this Kohler toilets.

A set of sanitary ware generally consists of a toilet bowl, bidet and one or two washbasins. In some cases the bidet is omitted, especially in the absence of space, if the bathroom is intended exclusively for guests or concerns a commercial room. Even if a bathroom without a bidet could horrify the vast majority of Italians, we must not forget that abroad, England is a clear example, this sanitary ware hardly appears inside public and domestic bathrooms.

Some, on the other hand, when they have no space limits, choose the double washbasin. This is a very functional solution, perfect for couples and large families. An extra washbasin allows you to optimize your time, especially when you are in a hurry in the morning and all the components of the house are used to leave the apartment at the same time.

During the purchase phase, the first choice you need to make is the one between floor-standing or suspended sanitary ware. The first, timeless and suitable for bathrooms of all styles, rest directly on the floor and represent the most common models. Suspended sanitary fixtures, on the other hand, which are most suitable for modern bathrooms, are anchored directly to the wall. They offer some advantages in terms of aesthetics and hygiene. In addition to making the bathroom look larger and brighter, they allow you to clean thoroughly, with no points of contact with the floor. Before making hasty choices, it is necessary to make technical evaluations.

In fact, the possibility of installing suspended sanitary fixtures remains subordinate to the thickness of the supporting wall, which must be about 12 centimeters. If this is not possible, it is necessary to concentrate the purchase choice on the floor sanitaryware or on the intermediate solution, i.e. sanitaryware flush with the wall. These are models which, while touching the ground, are mounted close to the wall, so as to hide unsightly drainpipes. A good alternative that combines elegance and functionality.

Those who have small bathrooms and space constraints will also have to deal with the overall dimensions of the sanitary ware. In addition, they will have to consider possible obstacles, such as the presence of sliding doors and inward opening windows. On the market there are small sanitary fittings that still allow you to create comfortable rooms. Otherwise, those who do not have problems with the size will also be able to take the luxury of spaced sanitary ware beyond the minimum space allowed, or to insert bathroom furniture with double washbasin.

Finally, we come to the choice of color and style of the sanitary ware, which is returned to the strictly personal taste. As for the color possibilities, white is always the trump card, the colour that is easily adaptable and never gets tired. However, there is nothing to stop you from focusing on colored, total black, anthracite or stone-effect ceramics, such as the variants at this link.

The style of the sanitary ware, on the other hand, should be combined with the type of room you want to create. Sinuous and rounded shapes, for example, will be perfect for classic, shabby style and traditional bathrooms. The more square and minimal lines, on the other hand, are more suitable for modern bathrooms. The addition of matching faucets will do the rest. The general rule of thumb is always to not get carried away by the fashions of the moment but to choose according to your needs. The bathroom, after all, is the most intimate and personal room in the house.

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