Overview of the most interesting models of acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic and cast-iron bathtubs are customarily compared based on criteria such as service life, weight, ease of installation and maintenance, design variability, size, and content.

Probably everyone already knows these differences. But we recall briefly. So, cast-iron bathtubs have been used for at least 50 years, while acrylic bathtubs are not so durable. But they are easier to bring and install them easier (one person can handle the installation on the frame). Cast iron models are resistant to aggressive environments, for acrylic it is better to buy special tools. But cast-iron bathtubs are available only in oval or rectangular shapes. And if you want to ergonomically and stylishly zonate space, like additional options (for example, hydromassage), then acrylic bathtubs are unrivaled.

We will tell you about the most interesting options, the choice is yours.

Acrylic bathtubs


A great option for a small bathroom, if you are not comfortable with a shower, the sink from the same collection is installed above the narrow part. Available in left and right. Length for choice: 150, 160 and 170 cm. In addition, it is possible to get ahead of restraint.


Very unusual model. There is a choice of color for the external coating: white, black or chameleon (pictured). Large enough (180 * 90 cm), installed anywhere in the room. For a greater effect, it is better to choose a floor mixer, but a wall mixer is also suitable.


Option for people with disabilities. The door (right or left) is sealed. Accessories are installed directly on the bath, there are rotary hydromassage nozzles with pneumatic control. Suitable for small rooms – only 130 cm long.

GEMY G9070-O

This model can hardly be called just a bath. Suitable for two people to relax: dimensions – 160 * 160 cm, two head restraints. Installed nozzles for hydromassage, including for the back. There is a function of air massage, ozonation of water. In addition to the upper soul, it is equipped with a watering can. But its main features are a 15 “LCD TV, built-in radio, the ability to receive calls and the chromotherapy function. Remote control.


Model for fans of classical forms – outwardly indistinguishable from traditional cast-iron bathtubs. Dimensions – 170 * 80 cm. Only a floor mixer is suitable. The color of the accessories to choose from white, chrome, gold, bronze.


Luxury from Italian designers. The bath itself is not very large (170 * 70 cm), there are no additional functions. Impressiveness is given by decorative panels in any of the possible options: white or black, one of four pastel shades, in gold or silver.


Built-in design, mixers, and touch control panel – side on the frame. The frame itself can be made of teak/wenge or of stone of three textures: white marble, black granite, gray stone. The bath is designed for two people. For each, there is a headrest, 3 stationary nozzles + 3 and 4 rotating (on the side walls). The overflow system is installed directly under the side of the bathtub, so it can be completely filled with water. The temperature of the water is supported by the heater, there is a backlight.


Another model that can hardly be called simply a bathroom, although its functionality is standard. The outer part is in the style of Chesterfield, white or gold-colored, with metal rivets. Immediately you can buy a crossbeam for curtains and curtains (it is from damask silk). Dimensions – 168 * 80 cm.

PLANE-200-90-49 from CEZARES

A distinctive feature is the large size: 200 * 90 cm. Powerful air massage system (11 nozzles at the bottom), hydromassage (6 nozzles around the perimeter, air supply regulator). A separate system for the feet and back – 2 and 6 in the respective zones. Protection against inclusion without water. The color of the bath itself is only white, but the equipment is optional: gold, chrome, bronze.


Home spa. There are 10 nozzles: 4 side hydromassage (they can be completely closed) and 6 rotating (2 – for the feet and 4 – for the back). The control system is electronic, there is an LCD display with a clock. Sensors control the temperature and water level, and the timer takes up to 30 minutes to take procedures. Underwater lighting is provided by LEDs.

Cast iron bathtubs

We also selected the most interesting, in our opinion, models of cast-iron bathtubs.


A vivid example of retro style. Large (182 * 81 cm), dominates the interior, this bath needs free space. To make the cast iron shine, it is polished by hand, there is a choice of the color of the outer side and legs – from antique (as in the photo) to laconic. Do not use abrasive or aggressive products to clean the outside.


It can be bought without panels with rivets, but they are the highlight of the model. More compact than ADMIRAL LUX – dimensions 170 * 68 cm. If you still decide to do without panels, you can order any color of the external coating on the RAL scale or laying out a mosaic pattern.

MORGAN Collection by RECOR

For lovers of modern trends, great for loft spaces. There are 9 frame design options to choose from: classic cast iron, silver leaf, gold or copper, leather, polished brass, copper, stainless steel or aluminum. In the model line with dimensions of 154 * 78 cm, 170 * 78 cm, 178 * 80 cm.

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