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Bucky Metalac

Did you turn off the hot water in your home, and are you tired of warming the water in the kettle? Maybe you want to organize a comfortable shower with hot water in a country house? At your facility, the issue with DHW has not been resolved? You can come up with a dozen different […]

Viessmann boilers

When building a country house, sooner or later, the owners face the question of choosing a method of heating the room. It is clear that an ordinary summer cottage does not need complex heating systems – a traditional stove and a supply of firewood perfectly perform the task. But what kind of heating system to […]

Viessmann boilers Part 2

VITOPEND 100-W (8.5 to 34.0 kW). This model is available in two versions upon delivery: gas single-circuit boiler with connections for a capacitive water heater; gas combined hot water boiler with an integrated plate heat exchanger for the preparation of hot water. Consider the advantages of this model: The boiler is equipped with a modulated […]