Toilet paper dispenser

Recently, I was very attracted to things from solid wood. It’s right that it would be very thick and wooden, that the eye would rest from plastic.

He took a piece of timber 100 to 200 mm, he drove it on a saw to a size of 100 by 160 by 700 mm. Using simple methods, the milling cutter cut four holes with a diameter of 120 mm, this is the size of a toilet paper roll. However, the detail of such a cross-section and such a height did not want to stand on its own, it fell from the slightest touch, so it sawed off one hole in order to reduce the height. And he added a metal plate with legs to make it heavier from below.

I discarded the wooden part and artfully painted it. I painted it like this – a layer of stain, then polyurethane soil, then with a bar with sandpaper I polished the tops of the brushing to light wood. Due to this procedure, the texture of the tree was strongly manifested. And varnished everything.

The metal base was painted black with a bronze patina. Moreover, the piece of iron that I found for the base was old and very rusty. After removing the rust, it turned out with all sorts of defects and the patina lay very well, it turned out to be a hundred-year-old. I bought the legs in the store, these are elements for forging, specifically this kind of like the base of the baluster.

Then I screwed the base to the wooden part with four self-tapping screws, it turned out quite steadily.

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