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When building a country house, sooner or later, the owners face the question of choosing a method of heating the room. It is clear that an ordinary summer cottage does not need complex heating systems – a traditional stove and a supply of firewood perfectly perform the task.

But what kind of heating system to choose if they live in the house year-round or regularly come to it in the winter? And if a water supply system is installed in the house, are expensive systems installed that require maintaining a constant temperature? Everyone knows that even single freezing of water pipes can destroy the entire water supply and plumbing system in the house.

Depending on the used fuel, electric batteries and boilers, gas and liquid fuel boilers are most often installed in houses. The option of using electricity as a heat source is extremely attractive because of its simplicity and environmental friendliness, but the obvious disadvantages of this method are the high cost of electricity, frequent accidents on power lines and problems with capacity limitations available for private homes.

Oil boilers are much cheaper to operate, but not everyone is ready to store a fuel tank in their area, rightly fearing for the preservation of the environment. And the initial cost of such a heating system is quite large. Solid fuel boilers are almost never used in private homes because of the inconvenience of maintenance during operation, the need for fuel storage and the complexity of the heating system as a whole.

Modern homeowners are increasingly opting for gas heating at home. Moreover, even in areas where there is no mains gas, there is always an alternative way – the use of liquefied gas. Almost any modern heating boiler designed for heating with natural gas is easily reconfigured to use liquefied gas from a gas tank.

The gas heating system at home has several advantages, such as ease of installation, maintenance, and management, environmental friendliness and autonomy.

The main question that users have when installing gas equipment is which boiler to choose: ordinary gas or condensing.

Modern innovative gas-fired condensation heating systems allow not only serious savings on fuel but also contribute to environmental protection. The efficiency of modern condensation technology reaches 98%. It is by far the most efficient heat production technique. This is ensured through the use of energy not only from the burning gas but also from the latent energy of the vapor that is in the combustion products. This provides additional heat. In a traditional boiler, part of the energy is released into the chimney, which leads to significant losses.

Condensing gas boilers have several advantages:

  • The dimensions and weight of condensing boilers depend on the power, but even a large-capacity boiler can easily fit in a small room;
  • Fuel economy when using condensing boilers is up to 30% compared to conventional ones. And although the cost of a condensing boiler is in some cases higher, the price difference pays off during the first years of use due to fuel economy;
  • Large selection of boilers with different capacities. There is always the opportunity to choose a boiler of the required capacity, suitable for the size of the room. For example, a 25-30 kW boiler is suitable for heating a house with an area of ​​250 meters .;
  • Condensing boilers have a low noise level;
  • The environmental friendliness of this type of heating is due to the principle of operation of the infrared burner with complete preliminary mixing of the gas-air mixture and, accordingly, reduced content of harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • Dispatching systems allow you to control boilers remotely, reducing the temperature in the house or, conversely, including more intense heating during frosts.

The heating equipment manufactured by the German company Viessmann enjoys well-deserved popularity among the owners of cottages due to its reliability, efficiency and adequate cost. Viessmann is a leading manufacturer of not just boilers for heating a house, but the whole range of heating equipment from a heat pump to the most modern and promising technologies, such as solar collectors or condensing boilers.

For a heating task of any complexity, you can choose a range of solutions from Viessmann.

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