Wall decoration: wallpaper or paint?

The modern market offers a huge assortment of various finishing materials for walls and ceilings, among which it is easy to get confused. Therefore, before making a choice, you must carefully weigh all the pros and cons.

Finishing or painting walls with paints

Painting is perhaps the most common way of decorating walls, as it is quite easy to paint, and the color of the walls can be chosen from a wide range of colors. The choice of color can be considered the most difficult step in this method of decoration since only white can count almost 50 different shades: pearl, cream flower, eggshell color, chalk color… etc.

Before staining, it is necessary to determine not only the future color. Both for interior and exterior, intended paints can be of several types: shiny, matte and their combinations. Shiny paints reflect light well, making colors sharper and more vibrant, while matte colors are neutral, there is no feeling of color overload.

Before you paint the walls, you need to imagine what the repainted room will look like, what colors will help to realize this and, of course, you need to decide whether a painting is a best and most practical way of decorating the walls in your case. Perhaps the most important thing in this type of wall decoration is the preparation of the wall surface for painting, the surface should be perfectly aligned unless of course the opposite is provided for by the interior design.

Decorating the walls with wallpaper

Pasting wallpaper the walls in the old days at the decoration of the apartment was a process very long and dirty, as was the wallpaper and paper-thin. The most difficult thing was to correctly apply glue on them – not too thick so that wrinkles do not appear, and not too thin since in this case the wallpaper simply does not stick to the wall.

But these days the situation has fundamentally changed: wallpaper began to be made from various materials, not only from the paper: vinyl, textiles, link rust, etc. Modern paper wallpapers are much stronger and easier to wash, as they are coated with a layer of plastic. Just like paints, the choice of wallpaper is infinitely wide, and the price depends on the manufacturer and quality.

But the preparation of walls for gluing is not much different from the preparation of walls for painting.

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